YACA动漫协会(YACA = Young Animation and Comic Association)作为一个民间的社团组织,其筹备创立意向始于2000年,正式成立于2003年4月份。创会会长邓国坚先生。本协会是广州第一个在政府注册的合法民间动漫组织,也是中国华南地区最早成立的动漫画协会,2004年获得联合国教科文组织的授权认可。

YACA Animation and Comic Association (YACA = Young Animation and Comic Association), as a non-governmental organization, started in 2000 and was formally established in April 2003. Mr. Deng Guojian is the Chairman of the Founding Committee. The Association is the first legitimate civil animation organization registered with the government in Guangzhou, and the first animation association established in Southern China. It is also authorized and recognized by UNESCO in 2004.